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Onlywood A touch of softness and care..


Studies show that the right kind of upbringing coupled with care and concern go a long way in arousing curiosity in a child's life. Each stage of a child's life is so precious, from baby's first breath, the first smile, the first step, the first everything.

We very well know that the toys play a vital in the cognitive, physical, social and emotional well being of a child. A child's psychology and tendency is always to explore the unexplored and such gets the firsthand of the same through touch and taste. A child first feels any object at hand and then directly put in mouth. Hence, at our end we have been extra cautious in developing "ONLYWOOD" toys.

"ONYWOOD" toys are safe with no sharp edges and are decorated with vegetable colors that is it is NON-TOXIC and LEAD FREE. Eco-friendly "ONLYWOOD" toys are handmade and are made in India and accepted world over. They help in  developing a child's sensory skills such as Touch N Feel, counting, sound recoginition etc. For babies and toddles, "ONLYWOOD" toys are the ultimate / ideal to a child's fantasies.